Signs is the energy regions

Every continent of the world, reflecting the universal effects are high-energy regions. Indians living in that region or the world as the heart of these areas describe the center of existence. These areas are located outside of the esoteric or religious concepts. Any one of the positive effects of this region, which is very easy to observe the energies of their own health. In this region you can go solo or with friends or family. To trust to listen to the earth and live there. For the earth to bless your life and may be suitable for any activity. Bush walking, picnicking, write, in a quiet place to meditate, pray, dance, sing, chat with friends, or anything else to do. You'll notice the energy yüklendiğinizi. The following zones are areas with signs of zodiac, symbolized energies. The sign of your period, you must make a journey started in the region, will contribute greatly to the life path you take stronger steps. Intense and positive energies to the inner journey that travels to these regions is also important and energies to balance the external causes.

KOC: Bearer of the fire reflecting the most important region, Hawaii; Mauideki crater of Haleakala . Second, Midway Island and Hawaii, last but Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea volcanoes . high ideals, aspirations and sense of freedom for the unique regions.
 SIRE:  North in California, Mount Shasta barındırmaktadır.İkinci first chakra affects the region that inspired the south-west America, and northern Arizona, Flagstaff Humphreys  uçlarıdır.Üçüncü the area, Strathcona park island of Vancouver .
 Ikizler:  a state in Mexico, the Chiapas region of Palenque ta . This is known as the place near the center of the world is a very sacred place. Chief among these near Oaxaca El Tule is. The second region, the Pacific coast of Costa Rica Corcovado park  'in Mexico, Monterrey is located near dır.Üçüncü Horsetail waterfall .
CANCER:   Bolivia Titicaca lake, defined as a region is known to stimulate the second chakra. Second, Peru's capital city to the harbor in the center square of Armas . Third, the Peru, Iquitos region. This point is the point at which the Amazon River is born.
 LEO:  The fourth chakra, which corresponds to the first region in England, Glastonbury  area. It reaches to the center of the earth kalbidir.Yakınındaki Shaftesbury. The second region, the heart of Berlin Brandenburg  gate. The third region in Spain near Barcelona in the Montserrat region.
 BASAK:  Cape Town, South Africa, also in the Table Mountain area of the sacred. Second, Johannesburg (Sun City) near the Pilansberg region. Third, Lesotho and South African border in the Mont-Aux-Sources area.
 SCALE:  The fifth chakra, which corresponds to the regions in Egypt at the beginning of the Great Pyramid is in. Second, in the east of Jerusalem, Mount of Olives  income. Third, the Tabriz in Iran  in the region known as Solomon's throne.
 SCORPION:  First, in Tibet, Mount Kailash is one of the places corresponding to the seventh chakra. Second, the Pamir mountains of Tajikistan in the Gormo pinnacle. Situated at the mouth of the river Ganges in India as a Third to Kolkata is.
 SPRING:  Bali region of a general realignment. Secondly, Borobudur in Java is. Third, the Kinabalu mountain is.
CAPRICORN:  red lands of the Australian continent, known as Uluru, and Katatjuta first sacred areas. The third chakra is activating effects. Second, the Kakadu national park in northern Australia in the Nourlangie rock . Third, in Western Australia shark bay area.
 BUCKETS:  Immortality, and beauty parlors in Japan known as the Mount Fuji is one of the holy places. The border of North and South Korea in the Gulf of Kangwa the sacred area of the second. Third, the Japanese island of Okinawa, in southern Okinawa region.
FISH:  New Zealand North Island in the lake Rotopounamu . In New Caledonia, Humboldt mountain region in the second sacred. Located between Tasmania and Antarctica, Macquarie Island for the third and final area.

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