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Movements of the Moon

Movements of the Moon
ASTROLOGY Moon symbolizes emotions. Growing, shrinking and disappearing always volatile emotions, such as re-appear months. Months indicates that the female features. Nourishing, protective, and represents the magnifying effect of the mother.
  young illuminating to be called the Month, events perceived by the senses as well as the known effects of the physical realm.
the sea, tidal movement, linked movements of the moon. As a decrease in living organisms and has the effect of the increase in the blood. Full moon of the month all the time until the dawn of the blood kabarmasıyla stronger bodies; full moon after the process was reversed, this action reduces the force. However, movements of the moon, also known effects on brain tissues. Planted trees and developed more prolonged rise in the month of the month or the lowering of the drying time will be weaker dikilenler. Fruits, flowers, herbs, also known as the month during up more grown up.
  Moon as a mirror shows us our. Reflectivity of the month, the sun's light and the sky will cause us to reflect different states of light emerges. If you want to now about 28 days of the month-long journey, let's look at the zodiac.

  The new moon of the month when the sun starts the same sign. So months the sun has become one of the world. Thus, to reflect the sun's light can not see the bright part. The dark side faces us. But the month is a day and night, progressing up to about 12 degrees one day after the Convergence of the month because of the amount of light visible to us. Here's Crescent  is.
  So every day the sun 12-13 degrees away from the white side of the slope increases to us. When moving away from the sun, the three towers (90 degrees) we see that half his face was illuminated. That's  the first dördündür .
   After that, move away from the sun, when the six towers (180 degrees), bright face is completely visible. Here's the  full moon is. Now located directly opposite the sun.
  After this month left the day to day across the sun begins to approach the sun again. Thus, the western side of the dark side begins to appear to us. After three towers from the dark side bright full moon party is synchronized. That's  the last dördündür.
   Last four of the light from the sun approached gradually decreases. Taki sun-up to this time the other sign birleşinceye ...
  Month 28-day journey from a tower about 2.5 days by changing the rotation completes zodyaktaki. Each process is associated with the zodiac signs çemberindeki new moon begins.

1 day FISH
2-3-4 days  KOC
5-6-7 days SIRE
8 days Ikizler
9-10-11 days CRAB
Days 12-13-14 LION
15 days EARS
Days 16-17-18 Libra
Days 19-20-21 SCORPIO
22 days SPRING
Days 23-24-25 CAPRICORN
Days 26-27-28 BUCKET under the direction of the sign.

(New months dolunay'a) diverged from the first two weeks of the month in the world, reflected light from the sun, and grows increasingly tamlaşır. Individual steps are taken, and finding ways to increase the possibilities of free will and making choices. New beginnings, plans to boost jobs and the time started.

(Full Moon on the new moon) of the month reflected light from the sun, gradually approaching the last two weeks, the world shrinks and disappears. Develop social and spiritual awareness in this circuit, the completion of all activities conclude, the time to obtain the products.

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