The symbolic aspect of the planet Mercury, the most "messenger of the gods" known as. The mythological story about the thousands of Mercury's foot speed has been created.
  Imgeselliğinde rich of ancient Greece, the spirit of Mercury, always ready to show the forces of the exhibits. Even playfully referred to as Hermes. Astrology esoteric astrology is considered the father of Hermes, "Hermes Trismegistus" the symbol of flour. Hermes and the creator of this doctrine that has roots in Hermetizm'in as a quick explanation of the esoteric, Hermeticism, which is one of the Ancient Egyptian god of the gods Thoth, the Hermes of the word is the Greek counterpart. In other words, Hermeticism, ancient Egyptian, Ancient Greek philosophy.
  Ancient Egyptian Doctrine of Hermes is a completely esoteric and initiatory doctrine. Again, the root of ancient Egypt and ancient Greece to the Alexandrian school, such as the philosophical doctrine of Platonism and think of the new form of enterprise systems, and intellectual aspects of teaching, presentation styles, we can say to the hermetic. The origins of the Hermetic doctrine dates back to the initiates of Mu and Atlantis. Mu origin and tradisyonel esoteric information in the first time, without disturbing the core, ie a degree of protection under the hermetic / esoteric without losing the impact of ancient Egypt has come up.
  North of Egypt, Hermes period, until the reign of the Pharaoh Menes (MÖ.5.000) Hermetic ruled by priests. Later, as the Prophet Idris into the legends of Hermes, the Greeks, in monotheistic religions, but also the king, the high priest, both because of religious founders, three times larger, which means "trismegistus" worthy of the title they saw.
  Still Going back to Mercury, Mercury's actions, sometimes mischievously, though often useful things.
ancients of Mercury reveal the activities of the mind or get tired to know the external sense, it is said to express the head and the feet placed in the wings.
  Kabbalistic As the planet Mercury symbolizes the perception. Therefore, the heavenly man, ie a large body of Adam Kadmon represents the power of vision. This is hidden in the depths of humanity, "the strength and vision of their own consciousness, perception, and reasoning ability." 
  Esoteric planisferde, Mercury, wisdom and artistic genius, Angel Rafael can see into. Therefore, it is still an esoteric interpretation of the sphere of esoteric forces, we understand that mankind animal planes tend to upgrade the human planes.   astrologically considered, mantal and-stop stream of Mercury represents a character not listen. Salt is no system of human invention, the primary planets, the smallest and least important, and almost look like a star, not selected, the intellectual nature of man could not manage. Fantasies of a system resulting from such an important group of mental attributes conferring the Sun or Jupiter, would have the divine. However, experience of the ancients, what happened to them in the sun if Jupiter had shown such an effect, and the truth of astrology, spread over centuries, based on this experience, the rules for implementation had been issued in this way.   Mercury's qualities with a saying

, "Stand up and build" la is very well expressed. Because the energy, intellect, and sheer temkinsiz main characteristics are the Mercury's Blog. His sparkling intelligence and ability, there is a very hot or very heavy. For his fertile brain, the achievement of such a thing as too difficult to make.
  the intellectual plane, the planet Mercury and the perception of actually governing wisdom ANGEL mantal manages the whole qualifications. Oratorical powers that govern this planet again. Directed the flow of bright intelligent people, inventors, funny, sarcastic, scientific-minded people are. Also have a remarkable power of penetration. Help build trade for in-depth researchers in all sciences.
  the physical plane, Mercury governs the brain and language. During labor, a strong position, the person imgelemesi a live trap and everything, fast learner becomes a memory. With the persuasive power of mental capacity is striking.

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